There's electricity in your body.
Now you can make sense of its messages.

Uncover hidden insights
for your energy, body,
and spirit.

Scan, evaluate and test:
ECG live full spectrum analysis
made easy with graphs and maps.
Uncover resources and priorities:
Our exclusive algorithms
help make sense of hidden links.
Balance through
AI-enhanced binaural beats,
sounds and custom meditations.

A news series of heart coherence measurement technologies for health maintenance and counselling and all type of alternative healing using a very, very in-depth spectrum analysis of the ECG and second-order power spectrum coherence measure. With BioCoherence, particularly, Médéric has made breakthroughs, (...), a whole new approach to heart coherence.
Dan Winter, inventor of the real Heart Coherence.
Super powerful new heart frequency and coherence software producing incredibly diverse holistic health biocoherence analysis. Médéric is the Renaissance man of heart coherence, charge collapse, harmonics and healing and more.
Tufan Guven,
  • Computer (Mac, Windows, Linux) Dozens of body maps, graphs and easy-to-read screens to help you make sense of hundreds of computed biomarkers.
  • Smartphone (iPhone, Android) Biomarkers are linked to visual representations, and a comprehensive visualisation to immediately assess its quality.
  • Tablet (iPad, Android) Many medical, spiritual and coaching knowledge such as TCM, Ayurveda, energetic medicine, organic approach, Jung personality types, emotions..., integrated and linked together.
  • Links can help make sense of the results, and uncover hidden meaning through the graphical evidence: resources and priorities become evident.
  • Tests are an open way of assessing any type of information against an immediate biofeedback answer. Any pro can create as many tests as necessary, choose and evaluate them for any client (locally or remotely) and can choose to share them (for free or for a fee) on the Tests marketplace.
  • The app automatically calculates the main resources and priorities after a scan. You can add or remove priorities as needed, and change resources. This will be the basis of the balancing part.
  • BioCoherence includes hundreds of exclusive biomarkers, most of them using exclusive algorithms specially developed for the app. 
  • The balance part creates custom meditations or audio files to be played daily. An ongoing re-evaluation assesses the progress and recomputes the custom meditation according to measured changes.
  • BioCoherence can be used on recordings made with an Apple Watch, or live with our Sensor.
  • Our proprietary research shows the links between elements, allowing for the first time an assessment of energetic relationships between organs, meridians or MTC points, or any biomarker chain within a system: who is in demand, and who gives energy out. 
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Discover Sensor:
live scans, tests and analysis
locally or remotely!

Analysis that takes shape
under your eyes.
It's electrifying to understand!

BioCoherence Sensor Lite,
our medically-certified solution
for live recording and live tests.
instantly start a recording or a live test
in the office or at home.
record, send and retrieve recordings and reports
between Pros and Clients through our secure Cloud.

Maps, maps.
And maps.

Energy, body and spirit.
Uncover the hidden meanings
of systems relations.

Energy: the basis of your flow.
Chakras, planes, clock, momentum, atoms, Ayurveda...
Body: your current state.
Meridians, acupuncture points, organs...
Spirit: your steering wheel.
Personality, focus, values, music, alignment, emotions, wounds, drives...

The power of resources:
it's already yours!

A guide to balance
from a solid ground.
Made for you.

or hand-picked,
your priorities are
what needs attention.
your core strengths.
Your pillars.
What's perfect in you.
Build on it.
Built for you, a series
of custom meditations
with sounds and frequencies
to help you navigate
from here to there.

an open platform.

Tests can be created and used
to assess any kind of lists,
frequencies, or live biofeedback test.

Any Pro can create and share test lists.
Users can run a test from a Pro.
Tests are an open way to assess information in a list.
Tests can come with conclusions and recommendations.
Tests are an easy way to share
the knowledge and solutions of any Pro.

Subscriptions and licenses:
there's something for everyone.

  • Me: for self-improvement

    Tools and tips to get better at everything

    Unlimited scans
    to assess your current resources and priorities
    Tailor-made meditations
    with voices, frequencies and sounds adapted according to more than 1400 biomarkers
    Direct link with a pro
    to send your scans and get advice

  • Pro, Med: for professionals

    For daily practice and research.

    Unlimited clients:
    Unlimited client management; unlimited scans
    Remote scanning:
    Receive your clients' scans immediately at home.
    Get paid
    with listings, pro directory, recommendations and remote follow-up

Compare subscriptions
  • Subscriptions allow flexible payment and include ongoing updates
  • Lifetime license includes updates and new features, with a one-time payment

We've dedicated years of research to make sense of previously unreachable knowledge.

You'll need only seconds of in-device computation to make it easy to read.

All computation is made on-device (no connection needed), and reports can be shared through our own encrypted cloud.

The BioCoherence App is currently in private beta, available for iOS (iPhone or iPad), Mac OS and Windows. Android and linux versions are coming next.

In the meantime you can try its sister App: 33, guided meditations

Private beta.

If you want to be among the firsts to use BioCoherence, join the waiting list: